Friday, July 14, 2017

A Big Announcement

So you're probably wondering what the heck is up and I promise that I will explain everything. But first I do have an announcement that I'm going to make. I have been doing this for over 2 years now and unfortunately I do feel it is time for this and I will explain. So…

I will stop posting the Weekend Countdown weekly for at least a little while. 

I'm guessing that some of you were expecting me to say I was going on a hiatus, so I guess that this isn't a bad thing. Well you're probably wondering where the heck I have been. My parents got pretty annoyed at me for a few things I don't really need to talk about, so they took my phone and iPad (where I blog) for about a week. That's really all it was. I will be skipping the following posts below (view other blogs to find these):

  • 7/8/17 Billboard Hot 100 (The Chart)
  • 7/1/17 Weekend Countdown
  • 7/15/17 Billboard Hot 100
  • 7/8/17 Weekend Countdown
  • 7/22/17 Billboard Hot 100
  • +Obviously more WC posts until or unless I decide to start them back up again

You may be wondering why I'm stopping the Weekend Countdown post. I have been thinking a lot over the past week. And I have summed up 3 main reasons why I'm stopping this post. Here they are in no specific order:

1. The Motivation: I feel like this is the post that I sometimes feel forced to get out as it's late a lot. I feel that it also causes me to fall behind with other posts as well. Plus, most of the songs there are on the Billboard and less people blog the Billboard. I just don't always feel motivated to blog this post. 

2. The Hate: I'm sorry, but the hate here has reached and all time high and it's pretty ricidulous. I'm gonna have more to say about this later in this post. All this hate makes me feel not as motivated to blog and be on here so much. And I felt it made more sense to stop this over the Billboard which I explained above. 

3. The Time: I do spend tons of time on this blog weekly and I feel like I need to take my schedule here down a little. And I need you to realize this: I have a life and I don't just sit around all day on an iPad blogging. I'm okay if you simply ask where a post is, but please realize that I do have a life. 

But I feel like there are also tons of benefits to stopping it that will be good for you. Here are some:

1. Longer Posts: I will add longer entrant reviews, full top 20 reviews, a question of the week, and maybe even more to my Billboard post!

2. Better Quality: I'm going to proofread my Billboard posts and make sure that they're readable and make sense with stopping the Weekend Countdown. 

3. Post Release: My Billboard posts are probably going to be released earlier now on Thursday's or maybe even Wednesday's. 

4. More Posts: I will release more random and fun posts now with stopping the Weekend Countdown. In fact, I may even have one later today (idk though). 

The only negative I can think of is losing a post. So this could actually be a good thing. And now I'm gonna go onto something I don't really want to, but I feel I need to:

The comment section and this community has really just been a terrible environment for the past year, and I'm pretty much done. I'm not gonna turn comment moderation on, but any comments that are hateful or don't follow the simple comment rules I've gone over a billion times will be deleted. If I have to, I'm gonna have to find a way to block certain users. But I seriously hope it doesn't come to that. Just be kind and use common sense. If someone is annoying you in the comment section, don't start a big fight as I'll just tell them to stop if they are being annoying. Don't try to stir up hate. That's all I really have to say, but this comment section has to improve. 

Well I think that's all that I really have to say. So love ya fam! ❤️❤️


-Graham :)


  1. I wish you didn't stop making the Weekend Countdown posts. I really enjoyed reading them.

    1. Sorry. I may do mini reviews or something like that sometime.

    2. I stopped posting too because the Weekend Countdowns weren't having large enough exits, and by that, I mean 6+ exit weeks.

    3. And you threatened to leave the community completely over something so stupid like the number of exits.

  2. I mostly stopped doing the Weekend Countdown because I lost motivation to do so, and it wasted my time that I have for the weekend. I mean, I am literally the only one here that only does the Hot 100. Also, I think you mean all time high, because if the hate was low, then this community would be like it was back in 2014-2015.

    1. Yeah, I meant high. I'll fix it.

    2. Also, at the end it should say improve, not approve.

    3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  3. That's honestly fine with me. I don't follow the WC as much now because pop music is currently in its dark ages, and plus I love reading your Billboard posts.

    1. why is pop music in the dark ages?

    2. Why do you have to ask so many questions, do you not pay attention to anything he says? He doesn't like SOY, Rockabye, LOTB, Despacito, Redbone, Stay, and others.

    3. Stop criticizing this person because she is asking too many questions.

    4. I'm sorry, but it's becoming infuriating, that this person cannot pay attention. He literally called them "generic pop song" on Adrian's blog.

    5. I'll let it go, but saying something like "Why do you have to ask so many questions" is gonna end ugly. And Miles answered the question.

      And thank you, Parker! Hopefully they'll be even more fun to read with more length and quality now.

    6. If she doesn't post much, how is it infuriating to you that she doesn't pay attention? Maybe she just wants to comment and doesn't look at the other comments.

    7. There is no need to ask so many questions, especially when no one else is actually gonna answer. Maybe she should actually look at the other comments, instead of not doing so and not paying attention.

    8. I really don't care if anyone looks at the other comments or not. It really means that much to you, doesn't it.

    9. Well, there's more than just the basics. There's Bad Things, This Town, HandClap, Starving, IDWLF, Play That Song, It Ain't Me, SJLT, Castle On The Hill, among others.

    10. And it just so happens that a few of the ont good pop songs, like Crying In The Club, Strip That Down, Swalla and Body Like A Back Road are the ones either highly hated or flopping.

    11. All that I'm trying to say is that people who are actually nice and don't try to be rude to anyone should not be criticized here. In fact, no one should be criticized here. It's not fair. At all.

    12. And you never have the decency to actually explain why, and this extends to rock and country, and why you always will defend shitty rap and hip-hop.

    13. Okay, fine. I'll explain them. You asked me.

      Shape of You sounds nothing like an Ed Sheeran song. The beat seems to have been ripped off from Kid Ink's song Promise, and the vocals in the chorus make me cringe.

      What's wrong with Rockabye? Well, everything. No more, no less.

      LOTB is exactly one of the styles of music I don't like, and the vocals are beyond awful.

      Despacito is basically a generic Latin song I've heard a billion times before.

      Redbone sounds like a song from decades ago except with way more awful vocals. It's about 5 and a half minutes long and it just about puts me to sleep.

      Alessia Cara ruins Stay. Badly.

      Bad Things's chorus is really annoying for some reason.

      This Town is just boring acoustics throughout the whole song that leaves me bored.

      HandClap's vocals are really bad, I don't know what else makes me hate it.

      Starving is bad because of overplay. I liked it at first.

      IDWLF is basically a boring trap beat added to Zayn's cringy falsetto.

      Y'all did a better job explaining Play That Song.

      It Ain't Me tries to rip off Gold, but the sampling is just a big mess and it's not supposed to mean too much.

      SJLT is them ripping off their own song, which is one of the worst music-wise things I've seen in quite a while.

      Castle On The Hill is a vocally worse version of 7 Years.

    14. Rockabye is the anthem of single mothers. I don't see anything wrong with that at all.

    15. SOY: It's still the same acoustics Ed has done his entire career, just more pop, is that such a fucking crime? And no one but you cares about Kid Ink.

      Rockabye: That's not a fucking explanation!

      LOTB: And that would be? You actually need to dig deeper, do not just give me a bare bones example and don't explain.

      Despacito: It's BETTER than most of the "generic Latin pop" that I've heard.

      Redbone: Even as someone who doesn't like Redbone I half-agree with you, except the whole "sounds like a song decades ago"

      Stay: That's not a good explanation!

      Bad Things: No, Camilla Cabello cannot fucking sing, and M.G.K is generic as hell, it's a diet Eminem, with less fire.

      This Town: That's supposed to be the point, an acoustic guitar song with emotion to it, something you should know.

      HandClap: Then come up with a better reason, because as far as I'm concerned the chorus and the beat is what makes it awesome.

      Starving is bad because it's generic teen-pop pandering, that and the scratchy guitar and awful drop.

      IDWLF: It's electro-R&B, and Zayn's falsetto is not as bad as you and Adrian are making it out to be.

      Well okay that's fair.

      What sample, it's just generic tropical house with terrible vocals from Selena, and a choppy vocaloid chorus that should never exists.

      Meghan did the same thing with All About That Bass and Lips Are Movin' I don't remember you complaining then.

      Castle On The Hill: And yet all you seem to care about is the vocals, and not the actually lyrics of the song, or the production.

    16. I'm fine if you're giving opinions, but please do not offend each other's. But Miles, please just stop trying to make Parker look wrong.

    17. Well, sorry to say this but he is. If he can't give an actual and good explanation on why the more popular and critically acclaimed songs are bad, and why critically panned and flopped songs are good, then I'm afraid to say this, but his argument is invalid.

    18. You can think that and it's fine. I'm fine if you politely ask him to explain his opinion. But even if you think his explanation is weak, don't try to prove him wrong afterwards. Just let it go and avoid a fight.

    19. For #6: The meaning is supposed to be important, not common.

    20. 1. Name five EDM songs that do the chopped up vocaloid sample, because I can only think of this and It Ain't Me.
      2. No she's not she's a good vocalist, better than the shitty rap MCs
      3. No, YOU can't stand any vocals, and if you think that is the ONLY reason to hate a song, you seriously need to readjust your positions.
      4. His voice is fine, I've listened to his older work like Temperature and Get Busy, and it's fine.
      5. Your hating a song with a good meaning for "bad vocals" and "generic EDM" as if it wasn't generic before 2015.
      6. Okay, like what then?
      7. Comfort them, help them out economically, do something.
      8. Oh shut up about the fucking vocals!
      9. It's better than your basic generic mumble rap song.
      10. So does all the shitty rap, especially when they rhyme the same song multiple times.
      11. Then maybe you should go back and listen to Gold, which is the same fucking thing.
      12. You just hate the vocals, you need to shut up about it!
      13. And how is that a crappy song, besides the vocals, which is the only thing your complacent to hate the most.
      14. What problems are there with the chorus, and stop saying "it's the vocals, 'nuff said"
      17. Again, shut up about it.
      18. Okay that I agree with.
      19. Wrong!
      20. I don't fucking care about the goddamn music video, most critics don't give a fuck about them.

      Almost all of your complaining has only been about the vocals, and nothing else. Seriosuly, if you had a song just because of that alone, then you seriously need to retire from blogging about music. And you are also hypocritical since your shitty rap is more generic that pop and full of shitty mumble rappers like Kodak Black, Lil Uzi Vert, Drake and more.

    21. ^Parker just ignore this. I would delete it but I feel bad if he spent like 20 minutes on that comment.

    22. Be honest, the majority of it is just Parker complaining about the vocals. nearly 3/4 of this is just the vocals, and he has the gall to question the single mothers thing 2-3 times. And all he does is blame Sean Paul and Anne-Marie about the worst reason imaginable.

    23. Just keep in mind, that comment is now in it's safe place, the notes on my phone, so I can bring it back out whenever needed. So please, Miles, try not to fuck with me again.

    24. I caused this didn't I.

    25. This comment has been removed by the author.

    26. Hate to say it, I really do, but yes. But... just don't do it again, it's not all that to get worked up on.

    27. Okay, I'll try. Sometimes I just get annoyed when I feel something isn't right.

    28. No, Miles caused this. If he weren't commenting here at the time, none of this would've happened.

    29. Miles, I just feel like you always have to be right. Just let something like this go next time and don't keep a negative conversation like this going.

    30. Well I wouldn't have to if he wasn't such a goddamn hypocrite! Hating a song because of the vocals alone, yet defending songs with some of the worst vocals I've ever heard is beyond hypocrisy.

    31. Everybody be quiet. I've got sad news. Stevenson Jean, 23, died in motorcycle and car accident. It's not even funny, it's a serious story.

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